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Last pollen counts for the year

Although the pollen season will continue well into the new year the pollen counts sadly finish for 2020 today .We will commence the pollen counts again at the beginning of spring in 2021

Asthma and hay fever sufferers take care and continue to follow your doctors plan

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High pollen levels and thunderstorm warning

Thunderstorm warning for asthma and Hayfever sufferers

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Pollen season in Sydney

Pollen Season in Sydney will finish early this year

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Asthma and hay fevers sufferers alert

Asthma and allergy sufferers please take care over the next few days

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Sydney Pollen Season

Sydney pollen season is here!!

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Airborne pollen and mould both present

Airborne mould remains high, Grass tree and weed pollen are all present over the past 24 hours with the current meteorological conditions. Asthma and hay fever sufferers will need to take care.